Best authentic souvenirs from Hungary

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Handmade dolls for sale in Hollóko, located in northeastern Hungary.

The best souvenirs are those that are specific to the place you visited and, ideally, made by local people. You’ll not only be buying something special but you’ll also be supporting the local economy. If you’re traveling to Hungary and are hoping to bring back a memorable gift, here is a list of ideas for souvenirs that embrace the culture and heritage of Hungary.


The perfect souvenir for anyone that loves to cook, paprika is the national spice of Hungary and used extensively in Hungarian cuisine. There are several versions of paprika in Hungary ranging from édes (sweet) to eros (hot) as well as everything in between. You can buy paprika in almost any market or food shop and most are fairly inexpensive. Alternatively, there are many products containing paprika as an ingredient such as paprika pastes.


Hungary is famous for its excellent wines. There are 22 distinct wine regions across the country which produce the full spectrum of wine styles including reds, whites, roses, and sparkling wines. That being said, there’s no shortage of quality wines that are available at wine shops and liquor stores.


A ubiquitous specialty known throughout Hungary, pálinka is the generic name for a fiery fruit brandy. There are many flavors to choose from including plum, apricot, and apple, so even if you find the drink overwhelming, you can still have fun trying to find a flavor that suits your palate. Pálinka also comes in various sizes and shapes, making it an ideal gift.


Of the most cherished aspects of Hungarian culture, is its rich heritage in needlework. Bold colors, floral patterns, and rich textures all characterize embroidery from Hungary. You can find all kinds of handmade  items including tablecloths, linens, serving towels, and even garments at markets and festivals across the country.


Anyone with an interest in porcelain, we’ll certainly be able to appreciate Hungary’s legendary history in porcelain-making being of the world’s most sought-after. Among the most famous manufacturers are Herend and Zsolnay, both of which have been producing fine porcelain for decades. You can visit these manufacturers directly and purchase products at their gift shops.

Cured Meats

Hungary is renowned for its production of speciality cured meats. Most are flavored with paprika and are made from traditional recipes. Look out for brands like Pick and Herz. Pork from Mangalica, an indigenous curly-haired pig, is also highly regarded for its exceptional taste.



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